Wellness Education

Shalom’s overall goal is to contribute to the emotional and relational well-being of individuals, families and communities in Central Alberta. Emotionally healthy individuals lead to healthier families that contribute to healthier communities. As part of our mandate, Shalom Counselling Centre collaborates with community partners to offer a variety of non-therapeutic educational presentations and workshops on a range of topics that reflect community need and interest. Some topics we facilitate include, but are not limited to:

  • Resilience: An Important Life Skill
  • Downsizing and Moving Forward 1: Conquering the Physical and Emotional Challenges of Downsizing
  • Downsizing and Moving Forward ll: Helping Someone Else to Downsize
  • Stress Management for Seniors
  • Building Better Boundaries
  • Bullying: It’s Not O.K.
  • Healthy Relationships for Teens
  • Grieving Well
  • Putting the Merry Back into Merry Christmas

To register for an upcoming presentation or workshop:

To find out more about our upcoming wellness education presentations/workshops, or to register, please call our office at 403.342.0339.

To schedule a presentation or workshop:

Education is delivered based on community need and interest. Shalom may charge a fee to the requesting agency to cover facilitator, mileage and other costs. If you are interested in having Shalom deliver a wellness education presentation or workshop for your organization or community please contact Ruby Stones, Executive Director – [email protected] or 403.342.0339.