Child Play Therapy

What is Play therapy?

Play therapy is a therapeutic approach based on developmental principles. It is a process where the child chooses objects, symbols, or types of play to express their concerns and work through particular problems. Child & Adolescence therapists are trained to observe and facilitate the therapy process and to assist and promote growth and development. The main goals, regardless of the issue, are to help children regain their former level of functioning, enhance self-esteem and build the child’s coping resources. Play is then concerned an opportunity to make sense of their world and helps them rehearse for adult life. It is ideally suited to children 3-12 years of age. Because we hold to the belief that parents know their child best, parents are considered extremely important partners in the therapy process and are invited to take on a number of roles, some of which are as an advocate for the child, a play partner, a provider of limits, are just a few roles that you might be asked to help in the process to foster and promote lasting changes.