Donation Matching Challenge!

Counselling inquiries are up, while operational revenues are down.

In January the Angus Reid Institute published their latest Canadian Mental Health survey findings showing that 36% or one in three Canadians are experiencing mental health challenges or illness. Shalom can attest to these findings as counselling inquiries have increased by one third compared to 2021 and as of June this year Shalom has served over 700 clients and is on track to serving more clients in this calendar year than in the charity’s annual history. Our reported Actuals to the end of June show concerning numbers with revenues at $347,295 and expenses at $410,989, a shortfall of $63,694.

The good news, $10,000 Donation Matching Challenge!

Shalom Counselling Centre recently received a $10,000 donation to our general operations, at a time when it is most needed and we are truly blessed. The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, would like to put forward a Donation Matching Challenge to all Shalom donors and supporters. On behalf of this donor we are challenging others to participate by matching this amount by as little or as much as possible, with the goal in doubling the initial donation to $20,000. Your participation in this Donation Matching Challenge will enable Shalom to continue providing professional subsidized counselling services, ensuring counselling services are financially accessible to all.