Maria Crawford

Maria Crawford 2024

Maria is a dedicated and passionate psychotherapist student currently in her practicum as part of her Master’s program at Yorkville University. With a strong background in education and experience working in multicultural contexts, Maria brings a unique perspective to her therapeutic practice.

Born and raised in Germany, married to a Canadian, and lived and worked in Southern Africa for several years, Maria has always had a deep appreciation for diversity and cultural understanding. This has shaped her approach to therapy, allowing her to connect with clients from various backgrounds and provide a safe and inclusive space for their healing journey.

Outside of her studies and work, Maria is a loving mother to two beautiful girls. Being a mother has given her a good understanding of the challenges and joys of parenthood. She brings this empathy and understanding into therapy when working with clients who are also navigating the complexities of raising children.

In her free time, Maria loves to embrace the beauty of the outdoors with family and friends.