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Your counsellor is usually assigned within 3 business days of receiving your form. If you have not received a call to set up your first appointment by this time, please email ([email protected]) or call us at (403) 342-0339 to confirm your appointment status.

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Parents of Minors, please download and return the Parental Consent Form

Confidentiality and privacy are held to a high standard at Shalom Counselling Centre, however if you choose to complete and submit forms to us online, your privacy cannot be guaranteed for any communication taking place via the internet.

For more information about Shalom, call us at 403-342-0339 or email [email protected].

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If you are seeking insurance coverage from a private plan, check if they have specific requirements. Such requirements may be that you only see a therapist of their choosing, or only a therapist with very specific designations. If you have any of these specific requirements, please specify:

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Information For Your Counsellor At Shalom

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Supportive Relationships

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If you have experienced weight loss/gain please also explain the number of pounds over the number of weeks.

Are you presently taking any medication?

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Has anyone expressed concern for your alcohol or drug use?