I am a Teen

Sometimes being a teen is hard and you may be going through a rough time. You may feel alone and misunderstood.

Services_Teens_TeenI’m ready to talk about:

  • feeling sad, depressed, worried, or stressed
  • dieting or overeating
  • hurting myself (i.e. cutting, burning)
  • a learning problem
  • an illness (i.e. asthma, diabetes, cancer)
  • relationships (family, friends, school)
  • and more …

Shalom is a welcoming place where you will be accepted and not judged. Deciding to ask for help can be really hard. At your first visit your Counsellor will ask you to talk a bit about yourself. Once he/she understands your concerns, you will learn different ways of dealing with them.

Complete a a Background Information Form and email it to us to start your counselling. We will need a parent or guardian to sign a form so that you can come to counselling. Parents may fill out the online Parental Consent Form, or download the Parental Consent Form pdficon_small

To learn about teen counselling, call us at 403-342-0339 or email info@shalomcounselling.com.

Shalom Counselling Centre: 5515 27 Avenue, Red Deer, AB T4P 0E5 ǀ Phone: 403-342-0339 ǀ Fax: 403-314-1798 ǀ Email: info@shalomcounselling.com