Guiding Principles

Shalom maintains a unique culture and set of guiding principles:

  • Our concern for the shalom (peace and well-being) of each client, volunteer, supporter, and employee.
  • Supportive and respectful teamwork valuing each one’s contribution.
  • Provision of a welcoming and inviting, peaceful atmosphere.
  • Shalom has no competitors; we support whoever is doing good for our community.
  • “Shalom’s to Share” – to share generously all that we have for the good of the Kingdom and our community.
  • We build partnerships and raise up friends who share a vision for Shalom.
  • We value the relationships we have with our Friends and Partners.
  • We show respect for all people, including other employees, clients, volunteers.
  • We consistently demonstrate that we recognize the values, opinions, and dignity of all others.
  • We do that which honours God and furthers His Shalom.
  • We place quality work ahead of quantity.
  • We work at a pace that promotes peace and respects the need for self-care.
  • Shalom’s values are not for sale but they are gladly shared.

For more information about Shalom, call us at 403-342-0339 or email

Shalom Counselling Centre: 5515 27 Avenue, Red Deer, AB T4P 0E5 ǀ Phone: 403-342-0339 ǀ Fax: 403-314-1798 ǀ Email: