Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Our Vision
Helping People find hope, healing and peace in life.

Our Mission
As a faith based organization motivated by God’s compassion for people, Shalom Counselling
 Offers respect, acceptance and compassion to those seeking hope and a healthier tomorrow in their lives and relationships.
 Provides professional, financially accessible counselling to individuals and families facing emotional or relationship challenges.
 Offers education that will equip individuals to sustain their emotional health and contribute to the well-being of their community


Our Core Values
• Faith Based
• Christian Ministry
• Providing Services to Central Alberta
• Cooperative Ministry
• Non-Profit
• Accountable

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For more information about Shalom, call us at 403-342-0339 or email info@shalomcounselling.com.

Shalom Counselling Centre: 5515 27 Avenue, Red Deer, AB T4P 0E5 ǀ Phone: 403-342-0339 ǀ Fax: 403-314-1798 ǀ Email: info@shalomcounselling.com